Who’s the Coverage For?

Travel Medical Insurance
for Individuals and Families

Designed for Medical Students, Residents, Global Health Participants, Healthcare Professionals, Faculty and Staff while traveling outside of his or her home country for business, pleasure, medical brigades, or study. Plans are available with flexible plan options depending on budget and coverage needs.

Travel Medical Insurance for Groups

Coverage can be tailored to your group and is designed for Student Exchange and Resident Programs,Medical Rotations, Global Health Brigades, International Medical Graduates, Healthcare and Teaching Institutions.

All Plans Are Customizable and Feature:

• Daily rates as low as $2.00.
• Short Term and Long Term options
• Responsive medical management 24/7/365 anywhere in the world
• Access to a global network of highly qualified providers
• Online service at your fingertips anytime, anywhere through MyIMGSM
• Special premiums for MPA Program participants
To learn more about The Difference Between Travel Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance, click HERE.

For more information regarding the MedPlus Advantage International Medical Insurance Program, call 855.851.2975 (Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm EST) to speak to an IMG Customer Care Specialist or email us.

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