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Med Plus Advantage (MPA) Participants Are Offered
Lower Rates for This Coverage

Please select from the dropdown below to find out if your program is a participant in the Med Plus Advantage Program. You can also call one of our Product Specialists at 815.851.2975 (Monday thru Friday, 8am – 5pm EST).

Why are existing MPA participants eligible for reduced rate?

As a participant with an AMA-sponsored Med Plus Advantage Group LTD or Life insurance plan, you are entitled to exclusive global emergency services from Assist America. As a result, you are eligible to purchase Travel Insurance that does not include the duplicated Assist America services, and therefore lowers the cost for this travel insurance.
To become a participant your school or resident program must elect the AMA Sponsored Med Plus Advantage Group Disability or Life Insurance plan to cover their students or residents. Find out more HERE.
AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. is a subsidiary of the American Medical Association.