The AMA Insurance Med Plus Advantage program is excited to announce the launch of the American Medical Association Global Health Challenge essay and video contest.
The contest is for teams of 2-5 pre-med, medical students and residents as well as students in allied health fields. The winning team will have the opportunity to work alongside Timmy Global Health in Ecuador, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic to help provide high quality health services to underserved populations.
Last year, a group of medical students from Baylor College of Medicine won the contest and are currently planning their trip for this summer. They will collaborate directly with Timmy Global Health as they serve those too often under served. They’ll learn about problems Timmy patients face. They’ll analyze and think through strategies to solve those challenges. And alongside Timmy, they will act.
“As our departure date approaches, we have been reflecting on how fortunate we are to have the chance to work with the community in Guangaje, Ecuador. The Timmy team has already established strong partnerships in the region, and we plan to leverage our knowledge to help them to deliver quality healthcare.”- A New Pear-spective
To follow their journey visit:
This year’s team contest will begin soon. For more information on how you could be the next team to win the contest click here.